Hello! I am Teresita D. Suselo, an Independent Consultant for the development and capacity building of organizations and an experienced Resource Person for the training of practicing professionals.

My first career was teaching in the university, where I also tasted my first managerial role as Chair of a Division. Then marriage to a foreigner and the move to another country caused my change of career towards information management.

A second move to a third country introduced me to the world of development work, program development and management, training of practicing professionals from various countries, and consultancy work. And it was in this realm where I grew, thrived and became a capacity builder of organizations and their staff from all over Asia and, later, Africa and Norway. Since 1990, I have been teaching people and guiding organizations in:

  • organizational development and capacity building;
  • strategic planning and management;
  • project/program planning and management (including LFA, M&E and RBM);
  • planning, implementation, facilitation and evaluation of organizational capacity-building and training programs;
  • strategic human resources development (including performance management)
  • design and development of training materials.

I also rendered pro bono services to resource-limited NGOs.

Organizations have a reason for being. This reason or mission or mandate may vary from one to the other. Ultimately, however, all are supposed to contribute towards the wellbeing of people.

But how could an organization do that if the organization is incompetent and unable to deliver its supposed benefits and its staff has inadequate knowledge and skills and inappropriate attitudes? And how could trained people contribute to improvements in the organization if the organization itself has flaws in its governance, systems and processes, and management and unwilling to allow changes to happen?

Many times, capable people resign from the organization, bringing their knowledge and skills with them and leaving the organization as it was before.

I do the work that I do because I believe that capable organizations with capable people produce results that benefit society. In spite of the 25 years that I have been, so far, working along the field of capacity building and training, I still find a lot of organizations needing assistance in building their capability and numerous staff, many in managerial positions, needing training in various types of management roles.

What is the number one reason people resign from their jobs? It is not the amount of payment that they receive. It is because of their immediate supervisor, a manager, who does not lead, guide, engage with them, and one with a bad attitude towards people. Thus, capacity building should not only focus on building capacities of people to perform well.

It should also focus, hand-in-hand, on building the capacity of an organization to govern, efficiently manage its resources, build effective systems and processes, provide an enabling environment to its people, recognize the need for change and manage it, and many more. Only when capacity building is looked at in this way could we see better results being delivered by organizations in society.

Although I have retired from full-time work, I feel that it is my obligation to still share my expertise and extensive experience, instead of keeping them to myself. And what better way than to create a website as a teaching and learning tool, where I could share my thoughts, insights, knowledge, skills, experiences and wealth of resource materials with organizations and people far and wide? And so, Tengconsult was born!

If you would like more information on building the capacity of your organization, your people or yourself, feel free to get in touch with me using my contact page.


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Profile of Teresita D Suselo

Independent Organizational Development and Capacity Building Consultant


Areas of specialization:

  • Organizational development and capacity building
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Project/Program development and management (including LFA, M&E and RBM)
  • Strategic human resources management (including Performance Management)
  • Training (all aspects)


Professional experience

  • Currently, Independent Consultant and Resource Person for various professional development courses at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Kasetsart University and Naresuan University, Bangkok Thailand (since 2008)
  • Executive Secretary/Head, the Secretariat of Asia Partnership for Human Development (APHD), a partnership of 25 development agencies in Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, providing funding for development projects in Asia and capacity building for partner organizations,  Bangkok, Thailand, 9 years
  • Program Specialist/Director, Environment and Natural Resources Program, Continuing Education Center (CEC), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand, 7 years
  • Senior Program Associate, Environmental Management and Technology Program, CEC, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand, 2 years
  • Information Scientist, Management of Technology Information Center (MOTIC), Library and Regional Documentation Center (LRDC), AIT, Bangkok, Thailand, 1 year
  • Scientific Information Officer and Head of the Scientific Information and Documentation Section, Clearing House of Information, BIOTROP (Southeast Asia Regional Center for Tropical Biology), Bogor, Indonesia, 8 years
  • Assistant Professor and Chair, Division of Physical and Biological Sciences, UP (University of the Philippines} College Manila, Manila, Philippines, 6 years
  • Instructor, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines, 4 years


Education and training

  • Bachelor of Science (Botany), University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
  • Master of Science (Botany), University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
  • Training on Botanical Exploration and Herbarium Curation, Bogor, Indonesia
  • Training on Editing and Publication, IRRI, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
  • Training on CDSIS-ISIS and INMAGIC for Database Development and Management, Bogor, Indonesia
  • Training on Computer-assisted Instruction (CAI) Development, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Training on Project Planning, Management and Impact Evaluation, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Training on Results-based Management (RBM), Hong Kong and Batangas, Philippines

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